lunes, 14 de junio de 2010


Today's Headlines

Government Doubles Oil Spill Size Estimate

Obama Meets with Families of Deceased Rig Workers

BP Hires Firm Specializing in Reducing Cost of Claim Payments

Spill Forces Nation’s Oldest Oyster-Shucking Firm to Close

Senate Rejects Effort to Strip EPA of Power to Regulate Emissions

Report: Wealthy Nations Could Increase Emissions Under Climate Deal

Video Shows Israeli Commandos Executing Flotilla Passenger

Israel Urged to Join Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

McChrystal: Violence and Casualties Will Rise in Afghanistan

Judge Orders Detention of Guantánamo Prisoner "Unlawful"

Pentagon Searches for Wikileaks Founder

Rep. Clyburn Calls for Probe of Bizarre SC Election Primaries

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