viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

We're not buying it!

Encontré esta página hoy, me pareció chévere y la comparto.

Boicotea a las grandes corporaciones que imponen su ley a través del gobierno. Para que votamos? Para que le llaman a este sistema uno democrático si no se toman en cuenta las opiniones y las necesidades de la mayoría? Es tiempo de presionar al gobierno de forma más efectiva; no solo para que paren de abusar contra el pueblo pero para que nos escuchen, atiendan nuestros reclamos y pongan en práctica la democracia de manera participativa. En este tipo de democracia cooperativa se encuentra el camino a la disolución de las desigualdades sociales.

Telling it like it is.

So here you are, cruising around this website looking at the links and thinking,"What the hell is this all about"? The sad thing is that if you read all of the information available and you spend the months, if not years, needed to educate yourself fully on economics, defense policy, social programs, comparative policitcal science, history, psychology, sociology and on and on and on. And if you actually put in the thousands of hours it takes just to get close to the bottom of one of the many scandals engineered by people of enormous wealth and power over the last one hundred years you would rapidly reach a point of despair. Horror and revulsion would flood through your body as you realized that, in truth, there is no hope. The fact is that our nation has been gutted, economically, over a period of decades. The abuse of power that we are only now seeing in it's grossest form has been going on since before FDR. In fact the long and mostly ignored history of America is written in large part because of the predations of the rich against the poor. That's why Bush and company used to react to any kind of suggestion that their policies only favor the rich with an epthet, "But that's class warfare".

Yes it is.

Just since the 1980's, when the greedy got going really good, more than 2.3 TRILLION dollars has been unaccounted for. Disappearing from a wide array of federal agencies through officialized fraud, that money disappeared into the black budget sinkhole. From there it finds it's way into the world of the intelligence community where it funds the murder of peasants, priests and human rights activists, overthrows democratic governments and provides the lifes blood for murderous tyrants the world over. That money has also allowed a handful of people to take control of the commodities market and use their hidden hand to manipulate every aspect of the economy. They now have enough control, in terms of financial resources, control of natural resources, control of conflict, control of disease, control of information to effectively do away with government all together. The wealth and power of the world will then accumulate into the hands of a very, very few and you my friend, even if you did vote for Bush, will find yourself wondering how in the hell you ended up on the street and why aren't there any programs to help poor people like you.

An engineered economic collapse pared with an expanded war overseas designed to encircle China and a state of martial law here in America (brought about by another "terrorist" attack) are all very real possibilities. And bringing them about is only a matter of political convenience, the plans have already been set and even publicized. Get the picture?

So what do you do?

Well this boycott is a start and an important one at that. The shit hasn't hit the fan yet so you have some time to get ready. If we squeeze our wallets and purses tighter than ever and refuse to buy anything that uisn't absolutely essential to our life and well-being (and even then buy off-brand items or second hand goods) then we will be able to at least start hitting back. After that there are a number of options for future actions of a non-violent sort aimed at halting the flow of money to those who would conquer the world and shining light on their crimes. Beyond that I think we all know what our options will be but for now here are some suggestions, just in case.

Get used to living on less, move your money out of corporate coffers and invest heavily in your local community. If you can get your friends and family together for a frank discussion about the matter and form a corporation for yourselves you will be one step ahead of the game. But if you want to survive the nightmare scenarios of the future you are going to have to learn how to cooperate with other people. You can try to throw your resources together into a common pot and coordinate your efforts to provide for each others needs without needing to rely on government or charities.

You can use the economies of scale to your own advantage, twenty people living together and contributing everything they make, on an hour for hour basis, into a common fund from which land is purchased, food grown or acquired, water and power supplied, health care paid for etc. etc. can live a much higher quality of life than any one person alone. If you establish a cooperative community like that around some central and essential enterprise within a small town or rural area you should be well set for whatever comes your way. Remember self-sustaining, cooperative communities are the key. Not communism or communes in the classic sense, more like the "Real World" only with people you can actually get along with and who are committed to working together.

Just don't forget to include those who need help in a bad way into your community. The old, sick and disabled will still need to be cared for so put your money where your heart is and hold out 10-20% of your living spaces for people who need people. In point of fact you may want to think about how, working together in communities of limited size (a lot of research has shown that the optimum size for human groups is less than 150 individuals, think of 12 groups of 12, weird but true) you will be able to provide for all of your needs using whatever technology or techniques available in the 21st century to make your lives as simple. productive and joyful as possible without giving anything to those who would enslave you.

Pienso que las comunidades cooperativas de las que habla al final son buena idea pero no descartaría otro tipo de organización social de carácter socialista que abarque a un mayor número de personas pues esos grupúsculos tendrán que cooperar entre si. El intercambio intelectual y cultural a nivel global se tiene que seguir expandiendo; las comunidades no deben de quedar aisladas.

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